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    • As a startup founder, financial efficiency is key. With Steed, I not only identified gaps in my CPA's strategies but also found tens of thousands in savings. Steed has transformed how I view tax management.

      Isaac Goldberg
      Founder & CEO @ Mind Marina
      Brooklyn, New York
    • In business, every penny counts. Steed has saved us more than our previous CPA ever did. Having them by our side proved to be a major cost saver. Highly recommend their proactive approach and expertise.

      Faryn Bierman
      COO @ Precision Home Services
      Nashville, Tennessee
    • Real estate has its tax intricacies. Steed's expertise offered targeted strategies specifically for my properties, transforming my tax situation into an opportunity for growth.

      Nicolas Olsak
      Owner @ Florida Brokers
      Miami, Florida

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    • What exactly does Steed do for my taxes?

      Steed revolutionizes the way you manage your taxes by providing on-demand, personalized tax strategy services. We analyze your financial situation, identify optimal tax-saving opportunities, and create a tailored action plan to maximize your savings. Our goal is to ensure your tax situation is not just compliant, but also as beneficial to your financial health as possible.

    • Can Steed assist with tax scenarios for both personal and business matters?

      Absolutely! Steed is designed to handle both individual and business tax situations. Our comprehensive approach examines all facets of your financial landscape, identifying strategies that can benefit you personally as well as your business. Whether you're a freelancer, business owner, or have diverse personal investments, we are equipped to identify optimal tax strategies tailored to your unique circumstances.

    • Can Steed actually file my taxes for me?

      Absolutely, we do file taxes on your behalf! At Steed, we're about comprehensive tax management. That means we don't just stop at planning and advisory; we also offer tax filing services to ensure the strategies we develop are executed effectively. Our experts are well-versed in the complexities of tax law and are equipped to handle the filing process smoothly and accurately.

    • What if my tax situation is complex, involving business ownership, investments, or multiple income streams?

      Steed thrives on complexity. Our team of tax professionals has extensive experience in diverse financial scenarios, including business taxation, investments, and multiple income streams. No matter how complex your situation, we're equipped to identify the best strategies for you.

    • Is my financial information secure with Steed?

      Security is a top priority at Steed. We employ advanced cybersecurity measures to ensure that your sensitive financial information is fully protected. All data is encrypted, stored securely, and only accessible to authorized personnel who need it to provide you with services.

    • Can Steed assist me with prior year tax filings?

      Absolutely, Steed is here to help with more than just your current tax situation. If you have previous years' taxes that need to be filed or re-evaluated, our team can assist you. We'll review your past filings, identify any opportunities for additional savings or corrections, and handle the amendment process for you.